Bilal Chahal born in Tripoli, Lebanon 1978.

Moved to Curacao, The Dutch Antilles in 1989 due to the civil war in Lebanon. On Curacao he received his first art classes and in 1994 and had his first sold out exhibition at Gallery 86 at the age of 15.

In 1999 Chahal moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where he studied at the University of Amsterdam ( Art History, Philosophy and Psychology )

For the last couple of years Chahal opened his second studio outside of Amsterdam, in Bogota, Colombia, he works with Galería La Balsa and the Museum of Moder Art Bogota.  

In 2019 Chahal received a development grant (Ontwikkelingsbudget) from the AFK, Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten for his project Abacus. 

He won a residency at the CEAC Chinese European Art Centre, where he worked with the Xiamen Art University, Fujian, China. 

He also received a grant from Stichting Stokroos, for artistic development. 

He was invited by the German Embassy to participate in Humboldt 250 years Exhibition together with the Goethe Institute in Bogota, Colombia. 


In September 2019 his project Abacus got a spin off in Chiasso Perduto, Florence Italy - where he showed part of his installation as well as drawings, and intervened on the walls of the gallery to elaborate his thoughts about his project, Abacus. 


His project Abacus will be shown at the OBA, the National library Amsterdam in January 2020, in collaboration with the CEAC, where he was in residency in 2019. There, he was able to create his installation of 45 white balls out of porcelain, that are now in Chahal’s Amsterdam studio, ready to be exhibited.

May 2020, Chahal will be exhibiting in the Museum of Modern Art Bogota, Colombia, El Mambo, a solo exhibition curated by the curator Eugenio Viola, with his project Emotional Abuse. 

Later in 2020 Chahal is invited to be part of the PilotenKneuche Art Residency 2020, in August and September, where he will be working on and elaborating the thoughts about Emotional Abuse of ourselves.

In October 2020 a Solo exhibition is planned at Gallery Kunst Kan … in Amsterdam, curated by Simone Swildens. 


In 2018, Chahal was responsible for the opening of the new location of Gallery La Balsa Medellin. 20/20K Hertz is a collaboration with the sound artist Diana M. Restrepo. For 20/20K Hertz, the title of the project, an electro acoustic piece was composed and performed at the opening around 4 monochromes that dominated the spaces of the exhibition, Grey - Blue - Red - White. The sound piece was composed around and through the vibration sounds / fields of these colors. 

In the same year Chahal was invited by curator Pilar Cabrera to take part in the exhibition Artes y Textieles, Tercer Salon de Arte, that was organised in Club el Nogal, Bogota, Colombia.

In 2018 Chahal took part in the exhibition of the curator Caridad Botella from NC Arte, Habitar. This exhibition was a group exhibition selected and sponsored by Idartes (to be compared with AFK, Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten), from the Local Government, and was shown in the experimental Gallery of Andres Hoffmann, Casa Hoffmann, Bogota, Colombia


Between 1994 and 2017 Chahal has been exhibiting and showing his work around the world: The Caribean, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Miami, New York etc … He has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions, his work has been shown in various Art Fairs, and has been collected around the world. 


In Collections of

  • Museo Diart Eriche, Sicily

  • Collection of Municipio Cultural Trapani, Italy

  • World Trade Centre Curacao, The Antilles 

  • In private Collection of: Diliana Deltcheva / Angela Pelasz / Bob Jannink / Chris Schafer / Rob van Sabben and Richard Farnell. 


More detailed CV. 


Grant & Residencies

2019 Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen, China 3 month. 

2019 Development Grants for Artists, AFK Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten.

2019 Production Grant for Artists, Stichting Stokroos.


Future Plans


2020 January - Feb Solo exhibition at the National Library Amsterdam, Holland

2020 Feb Solo exhibition Gallery 9 Amsterdam, Holland

2020 May Solo exhibition Museum of Modern Art Bogota, curator Eugnio Viola, Bogota, Colombia

2020 May - June Solo Exhibition Galeria La Balsa, curator Patricia Gomez, Bogota, Colombia

2020 Aug - Sep invited for Residency PilotenKneuche, Leipzig, Germany 

2020 Oct Solo Exhibition Gallery Kunst Kan… curator Simone Swildens, Amsterdam, Holland




2019 Abacus, A game between numbers and spaces, curated by Sandra M. Pattin, Florence, Italy 

2019 Artbo Art week, Artistas de La Galleria, Group exhibition, Bogota, Colombia

2019 Gallery Nine, group exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2019 Reforestando el Arte, Crated by Nina Bendzko, Homage to Humboldt, Bogota, Colombia

2019 Blanco Sobre Blanco, curated by Patricia Gomez, La Balsa Bogotá, Colombia

2019 Variation on A Theme, Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen Fujian, China

2018 20/20K Hertz, a collaboration with the sound artist Diana M. Restrepo, La Balsa Medellin, Colombia

2018 Artes y Textieles, Tercer Salon de Arte, curated by Pilar Cabrera, Club el Nogal, Bogota, Colombia

2018 Habitar, exposición collectiva curada por Caridad Botella en Casa Hoffmann, Bogota, Colombia

2018 Group exhibition Gallery Umbria, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017 Summer Exhibition in Sharmrockhouse, solo exhibition, Abcoude, The Netherlands

2017 KunstRai, Art Amsterdam, art fair June 2017 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016 Gallery Josilda Da Conceicao, group exhibition July, Amsterdam The Netherlands

2016 Group exhibition, Gallery Nine February 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2015 Art Basel Season in collaboration with WBCP Gallery, Miami, United States

2015 Gallery Nine, group exhibition Octobre 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2015 Kunst Rai Amsterdam in collaboration with Gallery Nine, The Netherlands

2015 Rotterdam Art Fair, in collaboration with Gallery Nine, february 2015, The Netherlands

2014 Art in Red Light, Beurs van Berlage, decembre 2014, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2014 KunstRai Amsterdam in collaboration with MasterPeace stand 1 - june 2014, the Netherlands

2014 KunstRai Amsterdam in collaboration with Gallery Nine stand 40 - June 2014, The Netherlands

2014 Art Fair Breda in collaboration with Gallery Nine - april 2014

2014 SOUK-Amsterdam in collaboration with Galerie Wies Willemsen.

2014 RAW Art Fair 2014 in collaboration with Gallery9, Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2013 Rawminism, by Bilal Chahal, solo exhibition, Keizersgracht, Amsterdam

2012 Balsamo Art and Antique, group exhibition, New Yok

2012 Participated in the Orange Bay Foundations project, Gala 2012

2011 Galerie Umbia, spiegelstraat, Amsterdam

2011 Solo exhibition, ‘Quinceañera’, Kerkstraat Amsterdam.

2011 Gave a master class at the Rijksmuseum for the Museum Night.

2010 BIHP art gallery, Amsterdam, Holland

2008 Galerie Ajting, group exhibition, Hilversum, Holland

​2007 Art in Red Light, group exhibition at the Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Holland.

​2007 Galerie Ajting, solo exhibition, Hilversum, Holland

​2006 El Corte delle Idee, solo exhibition, Sicily, Italy.

​2006 Gallery Pauw, solo exhibition, Oisterwijk, Holland.

​2006 Nieuw Beerenburght, group exhibition, Eck en wiel, Holland  

​2006 Art in Red Light, group exhibition at the Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Holland.

2005 Palazzo Riccio di Murana, solo exhibition, organized by “Club Unesco” Italy.

2005 Arte Mascini, group exhibition, Amsterdam, Holland.

2005 Art in Red Light, group exhibition at the Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Holland.

2005 Atelier Chahal, The Works of year 2003 exhibited solo, Amsterdam, Holland.

2005 Arte Mascini, solo exhibition, Amsterdam Holland.

2005 Art Event Belgium, Annually Art Fair Antwerp, Belgium

2005 Reibach Art Café, solo exhibition, Brouwersgracht Amsterdam, Holland

2005 Walls Gallery, September Sensation, group exhibition, Amsterdam, Holland.

2005 Kunst – in – Ahoy, Annually Art Fair Rotterdam, Holland

2004 Arte Mascini, solo exhibition, Amsterdam, Holland.

2004 Arte Mascini, Autumn Exhibition, group exhibition, Amsterdam Holland.

2003 Arte Mascini, solo exhibition, Amsterdam, Holland .

2003 Arte Mascini , group exhibition, Amsterdam Holland.

1998 Group exhibition, Gallery 86, Easter Exhibition, Curacao, Dutch Antilles.

1998 First Prize winner of the Arthur Anderson contest 2020, Curacao, Dutch Antilles.

1998 Kas Di Alma Blou Curaçao, group exhibition, Dutch Antilles. 

1997 Participated on the art project 'Hotel Caracas', Curaçao, Dutch Antilles.

1995 Gallery 86, Group exhibition, Curaçao Dutch Antilles.

1994 Radulphus College Curacao , Dutch Antilles.

1990 started his first drawing lessons with Raed Selman and sculpting with T. van der Geest.




2018 Tendencias, Abril 2018 - Medellin, Colombia

2014 Avro Kunstuur: Cobra Museum - Museo Guggenheim -

2014 Telegraaf - Het Hoofd Leegmaken, BertJan ter Brink

2013 Patrick Healy, Rawminism in a Thousand word.

2013  Arte tv - Van Gogh and Chahal at Work in Van Gogh Museum 2012

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