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variation on a theme

An investigation into how different cultures deal with systems and what the influence of context is versus understanding.

Abacus Project: Text
Abacus Project: Selected Work


Residency Xiamen, University of Xiamen in collaboration with the Chinese European art centre,  February - April 2019
Chiasso Perduto, Florence, July - August 2019

April 2019: Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen Fujian, China
August 2019: Florence, curated by Sandra M. Pattin, Italy

October 2020: OBA (Library Amsterdam)
September 2021: KunstRai Amsterdam
October 2020: Art Space What Art Can Do Amsterdam

October 2020: Gallery 9, Amsterdam
September 2021: KunstRai, Amsterdam

Abacus Project: Text
Abacus Project: Pro Gallery
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